About us

Candy: a success story beginning with the first washing machine through to the very latest Wi-Fi connected appliances. 


Candy manufactured the first Italian washing machine in 1945 and went on to invent the modern front loading washing machine in the late 1950’s. Candy quickly became synonymous with washing throughout Italy.


Candy is an international brand that offers a comprehensive range of practical, high performance, freestanding and built-in appliances; skillfully combining the most advanced technologies with stylish Italian design.


Throughout the decades Candy's mission has always remained the same; to meet the needs of consumers with innovative, easy to use products that represent great value for money at affordable prices.


Candy Matic


The first Italian washing machine, the Model 50 was produced in the Eden Fumagalli workshop in 1945 and was presented the following year at the Milan trade fair. In 1946 the company was renamed Candy after a popular song at the time, a tune which was later made famous by Nat King Cole. With patents for the first dishwasher secured, Candy followed up with Model 45, a 3kg capacity washing machine complete with a heater and drain pump. 


1954 saw the company market the Candy Matic with the slogan "Thanks a lot, it's Candy.

Candy Bi-matic


In 1955 Candy opened its first foreign subsidiary in France followed by a German counterpart in 1958.
1957 saw the launch of the Bi-Matic, the first semi-automatic washing machine with rinse and spin functions: one year later the Candy automatic became the first fully automatic washing machine to be designed and manufactured in Italy.


During the years 1959 -1961 the Brugherio washing machine manufacturing plant was under construction. All washing machines benefited from an oval tub and half load option, like the popular Superautomatic 5 produced by Candy in 1963.


Candy Stipomatic


The first Candy dishwasher called the Stipomatic was launched in 1966 and had 3 separate compartments. In 1968 the Superautomatic 98 was the first washing machine to have 6 wash programmes and a biological pre wash cycle.


Refrigeration production began in the early 1970's with the acquisition of Kelvinator (Kelvinator UK was purchased in 1980).

Later Candy collaborated with famous designers to produce award winning appliances and even went on to win prestigious Golden Compass award.



During this period awareness of environmental issues and consumer demand for more efficient appliances offering reduced energy and water consumption grew considerably. Candy responded by developing appliances that helped to reduce environmental impact saving resources but without sacrificing performance. 


In 1977 Candy launched a campaign with the slogan "Candy helps you not to waste. The light, the stuff, the detergent".


In 1981 the T3 was the first freezer with three separate compartments and temperature zones. Candy also produced the first fridge freezer with no frost technology. 



In '85 on Candys' 40th anniversary the two great Italian brands Zerowatt and Gasfire were acquired by the group. Throughout these years continued expansion saw the addition of major companies like Rosiéres (leading cooking brand) Mayc-Otsein (top loading washing machines) and Iberna (refrigeration). New innovations like the Combichef quickly followed; the first oven to offer traditional cooking and microwave functions.


Also successful were space saving appliances such as the Slimmy and Holiday washing machines.



In '95 Candy celebrated its half century and acquired Hoover European Appliances, a leader in floor care products in Europe. The millennium saw Candy change its logo and continue to grow its business, by 2002 it exported to 111 countries.

The same year the slogan 'Candy can do' featured in a Pan European advertising campaign and is still in use today.


2004 was  a record breaking year for the company with the arrival of the Candy Futura; a dishwasher that could wash up to 15 place settings. The first office in China was opened by Candy in Shanghi.



In 2005 Candy celebrated 60 years and acquired the Russian brand Vyatka a brand leader in washing machines.

In March 2006 Candy launched the GrandO washing machine with the largest porthole on the market. In June that year Candy acquired the jinling brand a market leader in laundry appliances in China. The following year a Turkish band Susler was added to its portfolio.


In 2009 induction hobs were introduced to the range and the Duo, a multifunction electric oven and dishwasher was launched. 2010 marked a revolution in the tumble dryer market with the introduction of EasyCase: An easy to empty reservoir located in the door collects the condensed water.

Microwaves Candy Ego


2011 saw the arrival of the GrandÓ Evo washing machine with Mix Power System technology - an innovative low temperature 20° wash, delivering the outstanding cleaning results of a hotter 40° wash. The unique Prodige oven was also launched later that same year, a large capacity single oven that can be divided into two smaller ovens, each with their own fan and independent controls. 


Other Candy innovations quickly followed; the Evo Plasir top loading washing machine with Gentle Touch Opening, No Frost Krio Vital Evo with its advanced Bio technology for improved food preservation and the addition of practical cooking products like the Flexi induction hob with modular cooking zones as well as the large capacity 78 litre Prodige oven.

2012 marked the opening of a brand new washing machine factory in China. 


In 2013 Candy launched the Evospace Maxi plate dishwasher capable of holding up to 8 extra large plates, while a new range of EGO microwaves in exciting bold and vintage colour options were introduced.

Candy Simpli-Fi


In 2014 the GrandOvita washing machine broke new records with its Mix Power System +  and perfect wash in only 59 minutes. Ovens and Elite hob were created with unique and refined design. Other unique performances came in the form of the Evospace dishwasher with its huge 16 place setting capacity, while the Alise washer dryer boasted an 8kg wash and 5kg drying cycle in just 45 cm. Even refrigerators become Maxi reaching heights of up to 2 meters. Most remarkable was the launch of Simply-fi, the first full range of Wi-Fi connected appliances.


2015 Candy celebrated 70 years since the manufacture of the first Italian washing machine.

Research and innovation

Candy Group keeps improving and transferring technology in easy to use systems, designed to improve the quality of life. The center of innovation, research and development, is in Italy in Brugherio (MB). Today, in the digital age, Candy opens the door to a new way of living appliances, to interact and communicate in a direct, simple and intuitive way. Group research and development paved the way for Candy’s first full range of appliances connected via Wi-Fi, which can communicate with users remotely, making their lives easier.  

Quality and environment

Candy Group uses recyclable materials for each component both for products and packaging and has actively participated in the definition of WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. The Candy production process has been designed with the goal of reducing emissions both in compliance with the regulations in the various countries, and to reduce energy consumption related to the use of household appliances.



The Candy group is among the European leaders in the field of major domestic appliances including: washing machines, dishwashers, washer-dryers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers and ovens, built-in and free standing. The Candy Groups basic principle is the satisfaction of its customers. There are over 2,000 service centres across Europe. Candy Group operates with the international Candy and Hoover brands and the national one: Iberna, Jinling, Hoover-Otsein, Rosieres, Susler, Vyatka, Zerowatt, Gasfire and Baumatic.